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Ros Group News:

Bobby wins the John Kacoyannakis (Koko) Award

Spring 2014:Another student from the Ros lab was selected for the John Kacoyannakis (Koko) Award . CongratulationsBobby! Bobby was selected for his outstanding research, his excellent teaching and his engagement in outreach activities.

Jinghui receives HPLC Inc. travel grant to HPLC 2014...

Congratulations to our graduate student Jinghui Luo who received the HPLC Inc. travel grant for 2014. Jinghui will present her work on insulator-based dielectrophoresis of mitochondria at HPLC 2014 in New Orleans in a talk.

Asuka presents at Pittcon 2014...

Asuka was our lab's delegate at Pittcon 2014. She presented a poster on 'Protein Dielectrophoresis using Insulator-Based Devices: Implications at Nanoconstrictions'. Asuka was supported by the CLAS travel grant for presenting at Pittcon 2014.

Ros Lab Christmas Hike
We explored the South Mountain Park in Phoenix in a ~4h hike including hidden valley...



Sanchari defends her thesis...

Sanchari Bhattachary graduated in December 2013. She defended her thesis entitled 'Insulator Based Dielectrophoretic Trapping of Single Mammalian Cells'. Congratulations Sanchari! Sanchari now works at Marlyn in the Phoenix area.

Bobby publishes in ACS Nano... Story #1

Bobby Abdallah's work was recently published in ACS Nano! He developed a microfluidic sorter capable of fractionating membrane protein nanocrystals such as photosystem I crystals into nm-sized fractions. This method is a promising sample preparation method for nanocrystallography. Read more in his article...

Bobby publishes in ACS Nano... Story #2

Bobby Abdallah's also published his work on protein cyrstallization in ACS Nano! He developed a microfluidic platform tostudy crystallization of membrane proteins to construct phase diagrams and reveal the conditions for nanocrystal growth. Read more in his article...

Jinghui wins 2 poster prizes at SciX
Jinghui presented her work on dielectrophoresis of mitochondria at SciX and impressed the award committees with her work. She won both an AES student poster award and a FACSS student award. Congratulations Jinghui!

Photo (from left to right): Dr. Fernanda Camacho (Chair of Judging Committee, Jinghui Luo (Poster Award Winner), Dr. Alexandra Ros (Jinghui's advisor)



Asuka wins the John Kacoyannakis (Koko) Award

Spring 2013: Asuka wins the John Kacoyannakis (Koko) Award, the department's award presented to an outstanding graduate student. Asuka was awarded for her pioneering work on protein dielectrophoresis and her productivity during her PhD. She is planning to graduate in Spring 2014. Congratulations Asuka!






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